You Need a Website!

You need website and a professional company email address…

A couple days ago I was at a coffee shop where I stopped to read the local businesses ads on their bulletin board.    This particular shop has a 4’x3’ board with dozens of cards and flyers from just about every type of business.   There were business cards, hand written flyers, professionally printed flyers and even a 4’x6” photo of a truck with a sticker that said “For Sale – Call…” I noticed that almost every board in the area was managed the same way.

What frustrated me the most was that many of the ads did not have a website or email address on them.  Websites cost so little and make so much of a difference it is hard for me to imagine not having one.

Your business really does need a website and professional email addresses – If you don’t have one give me a call or shoot me an email – I can help with that.  A website will make more of a difference than you can imagine and will cost a lot less than you might expect.

Your advertisement should include the domain name of your business at least two times. 

  • The first should be pretty straight forward –
  • The second should be a part of your email address –


Here are five more tips that may help you stand out. 

  1. Branding: Be consistent in your advertising media.  Pepsi, Chevy, and Apple all have one thing in common – they are easily recognizable brands.  Your business can be as well.   Nick Rice from Small Business Branding says, “I’m all for a professional logo, but don’t think you need to spend a fortune on it.”


  1. Add your logo to everything.
  2. Use the same color scheme – all the time.
  3. Your font should almost always be the same.


  1. Placement: Make your ad easy to find.  Place your ad in the most open area or the most likely place people will see it.  Try to place it at eye level near the center or along an edge of the board – avoid the sea of ads between the center and the edge.


  1. Bring your own tacks.  They are cheap so leave a few to avoid people trying to share yours.
  2. Use contrasting colors in your ads
  3. Consider placing a 3”x5” brightly colored note card behind your add to make it stand out even more


  1. Simplicity: Place as little text on your ad as possible.  Make sure it makes sense as quickly as possible.  In the sea of ads on a local corkboard there may be a hundred other ads for services just like yours.  Why is yours so special?  Tell them up from and quickly and make sure the next step is one of the most simple on your ad!


  1. Easy to find and remember contact info: Your customer should not have to search your whole add for your contact information – it should jump out at them.  Consider making your domain the title of your advertisement.  For instance, is an easy to remember name and it serves as both my contact information and the title of my advertisement.    Phone numbers should be large enough to spot easily and should be located in a corner of the ad


  1. Market for mobile users: Chances are the customer that sees your advertisement on a bulletin board is going to on the go – make it easy for them to quickly capture your contact information.  It seems like everyone has a smart phone these days.  If I want to search for dog groomers in my home town I can just type in “dog groomers” on my phone and Google does the rest.  Your customer can compare your business to others in the area while standing in front of your ad  Make it hard for them to not look at your site first by adding a QR Code to your add.  It is really easy to do and takes less than a minute to make, copy, and paste it into your advertisement.  Check out to test it out.





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